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Air Freight Load Planner Caster Deck

DTG’s New Battery-Powered Caster Deck PowerStations Safely Mobilize and Accelerate Air Freight Load-Planning Processes

Accelerate and maximize load planning efficiency at the point of task with DTG’s Caster Deck PowerStations. Designed for the world’s largest e-commerce provider’s air cargo fleet, the Caster Deck Powerstation is a patent-pending, 100% battery-powered, environmentally conditioned, caster deck workstation that accelerates your ULD load planning & communication operations.  Locks into place where it’s safe…

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Managing Retail Warehouse Operations

Managing Retail Warehouse Operations: Special Considerations and Best Practices

Managing Retail Warehouse Operations: 4 Special Considerations and Best Practices A retail warehouse is a brick-and-mortar retail location that also functions as a warehouse-style inventory storage facility and may also operate as a fulfillment center for online eCommerce orders. Many of the world’s largest retailers operate stores in a retail warehouse format, including Costco, IKEA,…

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