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    Industrial Computer Workstations

    Maximize speed and efficiency in your manufacturing processes with our industrial computer workstations

Configure an Industrial Computer Cart for Your Manufacturing Needs

Reduce waste, increase material handling efficiency, and improve quality control in your manufacturing operations with an industrial computer workstation designed to help you gain real-time visibility into activity on the plant floor. Our industrial computer carts are easily configured for your specific use case and environment to mitigate the rising costs associated with more stringent data collection requirements, compliance requirements, and quality expectations. Leverage our Six Sigma consultants to mobilize your operations with an industrial computer workstation so that you can streamline processes, to reduce production downtime and increase profitability.

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The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Right Mobile Workstation

Download our Buyer’s Guide to understand why it’s important to evaluate mobility, functionality, ergonomics and customization options before purchasing a mobile cart.

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Why Use an Industrial Mobile Computer Workstation?

Increase Material Handling Efficiency

All industrial mobile computer workstations accommodate computers and laptops as well as tools needed for data collection, printing, and labeling to the point of task, minimizing movement waste, transportation waste, and rework waste generated by supply chain and materials management groups.

Execute Quality Inspections on the Manufacturing Line

Streamline in-process and final inspections with an industrial computer cart for a more efficient workflow. Mobilize your testing and inspection equipment to complete quality control tasks right on the shop floor, eliminating waiting waste resulting from operations being halted due to in-process testing.

Support Current MES Solutions

Our industrial mobile computers can be outfitted with computers or laptops so you have real-time connectivity with your manufacturing execution system (MES). This allows you to leverage your workstations to perform data collection on Electronic Batch Records during a mfg run. Your workforce can also track product and order details on the plant floor, collect transactions for reporting to financial and manufacturing planning systems, and communicate orders and manufacturing instructions to shop floor personnel.

Give Employees the Right Tools for Success

Our industrial computer workstations feature batteries with run times that cover an entire shift. Additionally, if you run continuous shifts 24/7, we can provide you with rechargeable solutions to minimize downtime.

Industrial Computer Workstations

Designed for the rigorous standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Class I environments, our cleanroom cart is easy to sanitize, comes with a sealing door and ports for equipment and cables, and allows for seamless electronic batch, production, and laboratory data collection at the point of task.

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