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    Support frontline workers and optimize workflow with our mobile medical carts

Mobile Medical Computer Carts With an Ergonomic Design and Guaranteed Dependability

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations have had to stay flexible and ready to shift on a moment’s notice, and having the right tools and technology in place can impact workforce efficiency and patient outcomes. Mobile medical carts allow nurses and other clinical staff to complete more tasks at the point of care, streamlining workflows, decreasing fatigue, and elevating the patient experience. As a result, clinicians can provide care to more patients and reduce errors. Swappable batteries reduce clutter by eliminating the need to have charging stations lining hallways, making our mobile medical cart solution JCAHO-friendly.

The MPower Repower Advantage

Extend the life of your WoW cart battery system by 5+ years for less than half the cost of buying new!

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The Benefits of Using a Mobile Medical Cart

No More Downtime

The world’s most advanced battery system runs 8-12 or more hours, with a full charge time of only 2-3 hours. A display panel shows how much runtime is left, and hot swappable batteries eliminate the wait for a recharge before seeing the next round of patients.

Elevated Patient Care

Mobile medical carts allow frontline workers to update charts, capture data, and complete other tasks at the point of care, enabling more time focused on patients, greater attention to detail, and enhanced patient experiences.

Fewer Errors, Better Communication

Healthcare workers can access patient records and see notes bedside, and they can gather and enter data into computers on their medical carts at the point of care. This reduces medication and records errors, and helps clinicians safely and accurately coordinate patient care.

Reliability and Safety

Our field-proven LFP batteries are the safest and greenest batteries available, and they recharge quickly, so it isn’t necessary to reserve excessive floor space for cart recharging. Our mobile medical computer carts require minimal maintenance, and they come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Repower Your Existing WoW and Resolve 90% of the Issues!

About 90% of workstation on wheels issues are battery-related. Repower your existing fleet of workstation on wheels (WoWs) for half the price of purchasing a new mobile workstation. We can easily replace the battery system for any type of WoW.

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WoW Cart - Workstation on Wheels Healthcare

Mobile Medical Computer Carts

The Healthcare Workstation on Wheels Cart is designed to support your frontline workers and improve patient outcomes with a lightweight, ergonomic frame, and long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries for 24/7 runtime.

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