Mobile Computer Carts and Food and Beverage Carts That Set Your Workforce Free

DTG is the global leader in the design, development, and delivery of power systems, battery-powered mobile computer workstations, and mobile food and beverage carts. We design innovative mobile solutions that allow you to untether your workforce and take advantage of every revenue opportunity.

Our Philosophy

Opportunity, Unconfined

DTG's #1 goal is to help businesses break free from a stationary mindset and workflow to take advantage of efficiency and increased revenue opportunities at every turn.

Stand for Quality

We're so confident in our mobile workstations, battery solutions, and mobile food and beverage carts that we back them up with an industry-leading 5- year warranty and a guaranteed Return on Investment within 12 months*.

*ROI Guarantee not available for Hospitality carts.

Build the Best

We developed the DTG Battery System to offer customers configurable solutions that are safe, reliable, ergonomic, and a joy to use. Customized to fit current needs, our carts are easily adjustable as needs change.

Remember our Roots

Founded in 2017 in Wilmington, Massachusetts, our team is focused on providing custom services to each of our clients no matter how we grow. We sell our solutions through a network of more than a dozen Value-Added Resellers (VARs), systems integrators and two of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) in the industry.

Feedback is a Gift

At DTG, we take results seriously. Our experts design our mobile workstations and food and beverage carts based on what our customers need to achieve their revenue goals, and we keep an open line of communication with our clients.

Attract Top Talent

Attracting the best talent in your industry requires offering the tools they need to succeed. DTG mobile computer carts support a streamlined workflow, bringing work to the point of task; and our self-powered mobile food and beverage carts make it possible to reach customers wherever they are. Untether your workers and see your efficiency soar.

The DTG Advantage

We are incredibly passionate about our customer’s success. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Customer Obsession
  • Innovation
  • Industry Expertise
  • Cutting Edge Battery Technology
  • Lean Six Sigma Approach
  • 5 Year Warranty & ROI Guarantee
Mobile computer workstation cart
lean six sigma

Our Approach

Lean Six Sigma is a continuous improvement best practice used by organizations across all industries that reduces complexity, improves speed, and increases quality.

We offer our customers a suite of complementary LSS services that will help drive significant results including:

  • Increased profits while decreasing costs
  • Improved efficiency across the organization
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Meet the Team

Our company’s success comes from great products and great people. From engineering and sales, to manufacturing and service, every department has an all-star team of thinkers and doers. Our team challenges themselves, and one another, to be the best.

Steve Shaheen

CEO & Founder

CRO and Founder Rich Shaheen

Richard Shaheen

CRO & Founder

Patrick Ney

COO & Founder

Dave Savigny

VP Engineering

David Sapuppo

VP Operations

Anthony Antonuccio

SVP Product & Marketing